CFP on Open Access and the Future of Academic Libraries

Beginning in early 2015, Rowman & Littlefield will begin publishing a series of volumes on the future of academic libraries.  Nine volumes in the series are currently in the works with Dr. Brad Eden, Dean of Library Services at Valparaiso University, serving as the series editor.


A tenth volume is now being planned, which will focus on open access and how the movement toward open access is impacting and will continue to impact library services.  The editor of this volume will be Kevin Smith of the Duke University Libraries.


Proposals for essays to be included in this volume are now welcome.  Proposals regarding any topics related to open access and the future of research libraries are welcome; the following is a non-exclusive list of areas that papers could address:


                Library services and open data

                Libraries as publishers

                ETDs and the anxiety of openness

                The impact of open access on journal publication

                Metrics for measuring the impact of OA

                Disciplinary approaches to open access

                MOOCs and OERs

    Openness and library literature

    The mechanics and politics of library-published OA journals


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